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Regardless of why, we have probably all already experienced these awkward bouts of sex where things just seem to be going badly. Personally, it always seems that the harder you try, the worse it gets during such encounters. The other side of the coin being, that when you are with one partner for quite a while, you can go through periods of time when your sex life is in a slump. Most couples go through this and it doesn't mean anything bad, but it gets off-putting very fast.

Well, once I started using Liberator Wedge I have no worries at all.

My sex-life has become a 100% enjoyable, no matter who else is involved in it. Basically, this product provides maximum comfort and aligns your body and your partner's body in the best possible ways.

Not only is customer satisfaction - mine included - very high, but Timothy Ferriss who is the bestselling author of "The 4-Hour Body", has called the Liberator Wedge a "must-purchase" Now you can purchase it from

Liberator Wedge

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What is Liberator Wedge?

  • The Liberator Wedge is a great toy to enhance the sex life and it can be used by both: him and her! Triangular in shape, it is a perfect support for your body, insuring that you can enjoy your partner for far longer than usually.

    When should I use it?

    It is easy to use the Liberator Wedge during many kinds of sexual play, so you can let your imagination run free and adjust its uses to your own liking. However, you can get the best results when using it for support and lift during missionary and anal, as well as for longer oral sessions. Where the latter is concerned, this firm cushion provides support for the neck and makes oral awesome for both partners.

    A firm, yet soft cushion like the Liberator Wedge is also very good to have around when trying out new positions, as it usually deepens the angle of penetration and heightens sensations through that. Of course, it also maximizes your chances to nail the G-spot.

    Positioned under the knees, it lets you have a more powerful thrust by acting as a pivot point.

    A great additional use for women is when you want to play by yourself, or maybe even put on a show for someone special. Liberator Wedge makes everything more comfortable and reachable. It doesn't matter whether you want to use other toys in conjunction with the Liberator Wedge, or just your fingers, this product enables you to relax and really concentrate on yourself, or your partner.

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Why buy Liberator Products?

  • Dedicated Customer Service

    Liberator website offers a dedicated customer service team that will do his best to make you happy. You can contact them within: Chat, E-mail, Telephone, Fax or by sending a letter - Just choose your preferred way!

  • Buy With Confidence

    If you are not 100% satisfied with Liberator Products, They will issue a refund, exchange or replace the product within 30 days of purchase.

  • Discreet Packaging

    Your privacy is always safe with us! All packages are shipped in nondescript brown boxes or standard issue boxes from UPS or USPS - all are sealed with reinforced tape along the top and sides.

  • Exceptional Reviews

    We don't know if you ever heard about Liberator Products, but customers who tried their products just LOVE it!
    You can read some of their products reviews here.

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